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Learn more about Boomi's acquisition of Unifi

Managed Services

Manage the Boomi Platform for Your Customers


Managed Application Services Built on Boomi

Greater Value at a Competitive Price

7u彩票注册平台Improved customer acquisition and retention enables partners to service more clients more efficiently.

Higher Retention and Lower Maintenance Requirements

7u彩票注册平台Centralization of application manavgement enables our partners to bring more new clients on board quickly.

High Availability and Business Continuity

7u彩票注册平台Boomi’s run anywhere architecture allows for efficient servicing of customer needs.

Partner Stories

Slalom Consulting + Boomi

Learn why Slalom Consulting and Boomi have a shared passion for customer success.

Focusing on outcomes – every part of the journey.

Already a Partner with Dell Technologies?

Connect with Boomi to find out how easy it is for you to partner with us..

“As a fast-growing Boomi partner focused on helping our clients succeed, we have experienced the level of quality that Boomi offers, and it is unmatched.”

Managed Services Partner

7u彩票注册平台Mark Magel, Chief Technology Officer, SD Mayer & Associates

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