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Workflow automation and app development to build customer journeys with low-code development.

Customers Using Flow


Customer Journeys, Accelerated

7u彩票注册平台Boomi Flow is a modern, cloud-native service for creating customer journeys and automating simple and sophisticated workflows that accelerate your business outcomes.

Transform and Automate Your Processes

Meet customer demand and remove manual complexity while involving people when needed .

Accelerate Workflow Implementation

7u彩票注册平台Rapidly build and deploy mobile applications or embedded workflows without extensive coding.

Create Engaging User Experiences

7u彩票注册平台Increase process adoption by providing easy-to-use forms and apps that adapt to any device.

Improve Organizational Collaboration

Easily bring your cross functional teams together to meet business needs and engage through custom apps and interfaces.

Inside Flow

Build and Automate Workflows, From Simple to Sophisticated Applications

Recipe for Success


1. Draw

7u彩票注册平台Build your workflow applications using drag and drop editing tools

2. Publish

Package all elements of the application and manage version control

3. Engage

Distribute the application to run in the cloud or on any device, platform, or channel

Stronger Together

The Power of Community

7u彩票注册平台Our new Boomiverse allows you to master your own domain — providing data mapping, error resolution and regression testing

Ready to Win with Boomi?

We have industry-leading customer satisfaction rates of 95% and renewal rates of 97%.
See what over 10,000 customers are talking about.


Flow Resources

Our over 10,000 customers span across all industries – from research/education to technology to healthcare, see how they accelerate outcomes and reduce manual work through Boomi’s low-code integration platform.

7u彩票注册平台Have questions? Let us help you win!

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