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Learn more about Boomi's acquisition of Unifi

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Get the knowledge, hands-on training and certifications necessary to drive the business outcomes employers need.


7u彩票注册平台Visit our Boomiverse to engage with other Explorers. Explore forums, blogs and events which can connect you with other Boomi users.


Integration Essentials

Shapes, UI, and basic knowledge needed to begin building with Boomi Integration.


Integration Developer Path

Learn what’s necessary to become a Boomi Professional Integration Developer


Integration Architect Path

Learn what’s necessary necessary to become a Boomi Professional Integration Architect.


Integration Operations Administrator Path

Requirements to become a Boomi Profession Integration Operations.


Master Data Hub 1

Boomi Master Data structure, Hub UI overview, Hub Lifecycle, and help and support options.


EDI Fundamentals

7u彩票注册平台Getting started with EDI fundamentals.


EDI Management 1

Building EDI profiles, create EDI qualifiers, configure Trading Partners, use of Document Tracking, and EDI management.


API Design and Management Certification Path

7u彩票注册平台Learn what’s necessary to become Dell Boomi API Design and Management Certified.


Boomi Flow Essentials

7u彩票注册平台Shapes, UI and fundamentals needed to create mobile apps, and automate workflows using Boomi Flow.


CRM Lead Manager App

Using Boomi Flow Services to build a Low-Code Lead Manager App on top of a CRM Application.


Meet Your Community

Featured Student

Dana O’Neil

Learner, Institute for Veterans and Military Families

“From the moment I began learning about Boomi, I was hooked and couldn’t get enough. I finished the Professional Developer training in record time and I can’t wait to learn more. I can’t wait to see how this further enhances my career.”

Featured Educator

Nancy Kenney

Sr. Instructor, Boomi

“For the past 7 years, I have been a Boomi instructor and love making a direct positive impact on our students. When I’m in the classroom, I get to learn directly who my students are, how best they learn, and what else they need to know to be successful.
7u彩票注册平台I am excited to design more opportunities to help learners get the most from the Boomi Platform.”

Featured Partner

Larry Cone

7u彩票注册平台Sr. Instructor, Boomi

Larry Cone is the founder and CEO of Kitepipe. Kitepipe is a cloud Integration services company that specializes only in Boomi. Larry was an early user of Boomi and saw the potential of integration to solve complex business process problems and deliver significant benefits to companies engaged in digital transformation.

7u彩票注册平台“We at Kitepipe are the leaders in Boomi MDH implementations. Start with the excellent Boomi LMS courses, then contact Larry directly at for customized MDH implementation and training for your organization.”

Stronger Together

The Power of Community

Our new Boomiverse allows you to master your own domain — providing data mapping, error resolution and regression testing

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