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Companies accelerating with Onboarding

A Solution for Every Need

Streamline the Onboarding Process

7u彩票注册平台Disconnected onboarding processes are expensive for your organization – and new hire onboarding delays can impact productivity and hurt employee engagement. With structured onboarding, companies can boost employee productivity and achieve their business outcomes faster.


Driving to Smarter Onboarding Solutions

Accelerate productivity and meet high expectations of personnel with flawless provisioning of payroll, benefits, email, and applications. Help your new employees hit the ground running by connecting applications and processes for seamless onboarding.


Synchronize Data

7u彩票注册平台Easily connect workflows with popular cloud applications or use Boomi Integration for advanced requirements, when processes need to integrate with on-premises or cloud native systems.


Improve Workstreams

Create workflows that orchestrate interactions from one individual or team to another. Build simple approval processes or complex cross-organizational workstreams.


Reduce Manual Efforts

Save hours of manual work by transforming your entire onboarding process to a seamless, automated and paperless experience.


Enhance Engagement

Create a unique and reliable talent management experience that is responsive and agile.

Lee Company Removes Days from Its Onboarding Process

7u彩票注册平台The fast-growing building services and construction firm has reduced the amount of time IT spends on new hire account set-up from days to minutes.

Employee Onboarding at Moderna

7u彩票注册平台Boomi’s platform allowed Moderna to speed employee onboarding by automating access to applications and resources

Employee Onboarding at Moderna

Boomi’s platform allowed Moderna to speed employee onboarding by automating access to applications and resources

Ready to Connect with Boomi? Start Here.

7u彩票注册平台Boomi’s expertise combined with the industry’s leading technology will help you get to onboarding business outcomes faster.


Onboarding Resources

Take a look at these additional resources to better inform you of how we help you with employee and customer onboarding.

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